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Stronger Jobs Gains, But Likely Not Enough for Fed

– March 4, 2016

The latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, released this morning, shows improved job creation in February and employee earnings growth in line with recent trends. But the reduction in manufacturing jobs is worrying. Given these mixed signals, the report is not likely to give the Fed reasons for raising rates later this month.


Americans Are Moving Less, As Cities Get More Similar

– March 3, 2016

Internal migration – Americans moving from one area to another – has fallen significantly over the last three decades, according to my new research brief, released today by the American Institute for Economic Research.


The Economy Shows Signs of Strengthening

– March 2, 2016

After a nervous couple of weeks, this week’s new economic data look more upbeat, and the stock market appears to be rejoicing a bit as well.


Don’t Wait to Start Saving for Retirement

– March 1, 2016

Starting to save earlier can be hugely profitable. This is all because of compound interest, which Einstein once called, “the eighth wonder of the world.”


What if Something Happens? Basic Estate Planning

– February 29, 2016

Estate planning is protection of everything you and your family have worked so hard to achieve. Estate planning is not only for the extremely wealthy.


Beyond Better GDP Growth, Reasons For Concern

– February 26, 2016

This morning, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released the revised estimates of the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economy’s output, for the fourth quarter of 2015.  According to the revised data, GDP rose 1 percent (annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2015, somewhat faster than the 0.7 percent rate indicated by the initial estimate of a month ago.


America’s Savings Problem, In One Chart

– February 25, 2016

When it comes to personal savings, Americans are doing better than many people think. But there’s still a lot of room for improvement, especially when you look at it in a historical context.


Money Magazine: Daily Economy is a Top Financial Blog

– February 25, 2016

We were honored for this blog to be included in Walter Updegrave’s recent story for Money Magazine, “3 Financial Blogs That Can Help Your Bottom Line.”


Bryant Students Explore Career Options at AIER

– February 24, 2016

As part of our mission, the American Institute for Economic Research engages in multiple outreach activities promoting the love of economics, career readiness skills, and an experiential approach to learning. We are building the cadre of alumni of our education programs, who keep in touch with the Institute over time.


Social Security: Beat the Deadline on File-and-Suspend

– February 23, 2016

As we covered at the end of last year, the rules for Social Security have recently changed. The new rules mean the strategy of filing and suspending your benefits will no longer be beneficial for married spouses.  But there is a window for some people to be grandfathered in under the old rules. Now, we have some of the details and deadlines.


Too Early To Celebrate “Strengthening” Consumer Prices

– February 22, 2016

The Consumer Price Index for January 2016 has attracted a lot of attention since it was released last Friday. But a look inside the numbers raises questions about its overall message of economic strength.


Ask the Economist: Negative Interest Rates

– February 19, 2016

A negative interest rate means a country’s central bank charges a fee for banks to hold some of their money there, in an effort to spur the economy. Janet Yellen said this option remains on the table, although the economy would need to worsen. But the Fed just did the opposite.