November 16, 2014

“Recessions have been made more rare because there has been an increasing expectation from voters that lawmakers and the Federal Reserve take steps to prevent an economic slowdown, said Polina Vlasenko, senior research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. This can be helpful in a simple recession, one based on fleeting factors, like a drop in demand for U.S. exports, she

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November 15, 2014

The American Institute for Economic Research has ranked Columbia as one of the top 10 college towns in the country.

The institute’s ranking looked at 75 cities with colleges and rated them on factors such as the price of student housing, local unemployment and available arts and leisure activities. Columbia came in eighth place and was the only Missouri city on the list.


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November 11, 2014

A study into H-1B visas by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) also found that black Americans in IT made, on average, $3,656 less than white workers. Nicole Kreisberg, senior

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November 08, 2014

With both payrolls and the workweek expanding, a proxy for take-home wages rose 0.6 percent, a gain that put it 4.8 percent above its year-ago level, the largest increase since March 2012.

"When viewed in combination with rising household wealth and improving consumer confidence, we expect on-going gains in consumer spending," said Robert Hughes, senior research fellow at the American

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November 04, 2014

Social Security’s annual inflation adjustment is one of the program’s most valuable features. But it’s time to adjust the adjustment.

Retirees will get a 1.7 percent bump in their Social Security benefit next year, according to the Social Security Administration, which announced the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) on Wednesday. Recipients of disability benefits and Supplemental

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