February 24, 2015

Women in Tech: Brian Krzanich's Plan Is Good Economics

High-profile promotions like those of Marissa Mayer to CEO at Yahoo, and Sheryl Sandberg to COO at Facebook, suggest that a critical mass of women have found a place in the computer technology industry. In fact, women remain significantly underrepresented in the high-skill jobs in America's computer technology sector. At least one

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February 20, 2015

Another consideration is when you will need to withdraw any savings in retirement. 

"Almost everybody has Social Security, and a lot of people retiring today have some kind of pension," said Luke Delorme, a research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. Social Security Administration calculations show that 86 percent of people 65 and over receive Social Security, and

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February 11, 2015

Mark Garrison, a radio reporter and substitute host for “Marketplace,” is the winner of the 2015 Women’s Economic Round Table Business Journalism Prize, Columbia Journalism School’s Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism announced today.

February 05, 2015

The American Institute for Economic Research ranked Ames second and Iowa City the fourth best college towns in the nation.

The study praised Ames’ level of student diversity and unemployment rate.

February 01, 2015

Many Retirees May Benefit From Non-Traditional Strategies

A brief from the American Institute for Economic Research challenges [conventional] guidelines. The brief’s author argues that the guidelines do not work for the typical person who has saved far less than $1 million. The guidelines also may not work for retirees who will not see a significant improvement in

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