Monetary Economics

Monetary policy influences inflation, employment, and economic activity. A stable but dynamic monetary system is vital for supporting economic growth, individual liberty, and a prosperous society. Therefore, we examine the causes and consequences of monetary policy (including inflation), identify ideal and practical steps towards a better monetary policy regime, and look at monetary alternatives and financial regulation.


Decentralized Cryptocurrency Systems and Hayek’s Unplanned Economy

“Pure free market money is emerging upon the world to compete from a position of zero against a Goliath establishment. If it wins, the debate is settled. With luck, but thankfully without the permission of any planner, we all get to witness Hayek’s ideal of decentralization bear out across financial markets in all of the years ahead.” ~ Erik Voorhees

Reining In the Fed

“We know all too well that when it comes to bureaucratic mission creep, it’s incredibly difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. That’s why we must work to right the Fed’s course starting now. Its roles in fighting recessions and preventing financial panics are too important to be hijacked by partisanship.” ~ Alexander William Salter

A Conversation On Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

“Dr. Darcy W.E. Allen, a vocal proponent of innovative digital technologies and the economics of blockchain, joins Ethan Yang for another rigorous discussion about his new book ‘Unfreeze: How to Create a High Growth Economy After the Pandemic and more.'” ~ AIER

Hyperbitcoinization: By Choice or by Force?

“It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that bitcoin’s culture is changing. Getting to 100% bitcoin adoption remains a core plank of the bitcoin community. But now all routes to that goal seem open, including the use of government force.” ~ J.P. Koning

The Horrors of Hyperinflation

“Governments have few universally accepted goals. National defense, protection of property, and stability of the unit of account are arguably the three most important because all else rides on them. Hyperinflation destroys all three, so any serious risk of hyperinflation is simply unacceptable from a policy standpoint.” ~ Robert E. Wright

El Salvador Is Not the Birthplace of Bitcoin’s Future

“Imposing the use of Bitcoin by force through a software oligopoly–through a scheme which may ultimately pose a threat to the entire El Salvadoran economy–is almost as far from Satoshi’s Bitcoin objectives as the fiat dollar is.” ~ Peter C. Earle