I am thrilled to announce that Jeffrey Tucker, writer and digital professional with a legendary international reputation, has joined the American Institute for Economic Research. He will serve as Editorial Director, overseeing AIER’s editorial mission and boosting its publishing and public outreach. He comes to us with immense experience in building a variety of publishing ventures, digital platforms, and research and technical teams. He is the author of eight popular books on economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture, and is one of the most in-demand speakers on market-oriented topics in the world.

I’ve known Jeffrey since 1996, which at this point is half my life. He is a prolific writer on the history of ideas, particularly as it pertains to the American liberal tradition and also the 20th-century Austrian tradition of economics. Jeffrey has a knack for communicating economic ideas to the everyday person and he also helps us appreciate how markets make our lives better all the time.

Jeffrey has a positive view of humanity and writes in an entertaining way. In my 2013 introduction to his book Bourbon for Breakfast, I wrote, “Are you bothered by bureaucrats, but do you still love life? If so, Bourbon for Breakfast is for you. When reading this book I find myself smiling, often not knowing whether a statement is serious or in jest, but I think almost all are serious.” His next book, A Jetsons World, caught the wave of the digital revolution and what it could mean for our lives. A Beautiful Anarchy came next and it articulated the prospects of a self-governed world. Three more books followed, most recently Right-Wing Collectivism, which reconstructs the history of what is called the alt-right movement, showing it as anti-liberal as traditional Leftism. His works have been translated into many languages.

He comes to us from his impressive performance as head of content for the Foundation for Economic Education. Before that, he built a social platform for libertarians called Liberty.me. He established the CryptoCurrency Conference as only the second conference in the United States dedicated entirely to Bitcoin theory and practice. Prior to that, he established the first commercial book service that published entirely in the commons, reviving Laissez Faire Books and making it too a great name again. I met him at his first big gig as Editor at the Mises Institute.

Jeffrey will join me and colleagues to expand the influence of AIER, an illustrious institution founded in 1933 by MIT professor E.C. Harwood (1900–1980). AIER became the first market-oriented research institution in the world, inspiring the creation of many more and giving the liberal movement the boost it needed. An early contributor to what is now referred to as the Austrian theory of the business cycle, Harwood warned about the coming stock market crash that came in 1929, and the ill-effects of monetary expansion and devaluation on human wellbeing. He was friends with Henry Hazlitt and F.A. Hayek and his work helped shape the free-market thinking in the United States.

With the hiring of Jeffrey, I feel confident that AIER will take that necessary next steps in expanding our impact to help promoting economic knowledge in America and beyond. Thanks to his joining our team, we are honored and very excited for the future.

~ Edward Stringham, President