Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Economic Bulletin

Vol. LII, no. 12 |December, 2012

Using monetary policy to boost growth and employment worked. Then people caught on.

by Steven R. Cunningham, PhD, Director of Research and Education, and Polina Vlasenko, PhD, Research Fellow

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Amazingly, the government is capable of losing money by making money.

Monday, November 26th, 2012
By Chris Dillow Stock markets rise and fall with US inflation expectations
Friday, November 9th, 2012
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumer prices have risen only 2% since this time last year. But according to my eyes this is nonsense. For example, over the last month I have twice experienced the effects of large price increases with regards to America’s favorite poultry, chicken.
Thursday, November 8th, 2012
Dr. Steve Hanke talks with BBC radio about hyperinflation. Dr. Hanke has been studying hyperinflationary episodes, including the monetary problems currently bubbling up in Iran.  
Friday, October 26th, 2012
Interview with Steve H. HankeBy: Kourosh Ziabari   Iran Review  October 25, 2012
Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Is the Rial cooked?

by Steve H. Hanke My October 2009 Globe Asia column was titled "Iran's Death Spiral." In light of the recent events that have transpired in Iran, I think I might have been onto something back in 2009.
Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

by Tom Woods