In times of emergency, your loved ones and trusted friends need to be able to help with your legal, medical, and financial affairs. If Something Should Happen allows the people closest to you to step in with minimal difficulty by bringing together the essential information they will need.

The common sense organizational forms provided are easy to fill out and easy to follow. Entries range from the location of critical papers to the names of charities that should receive memorial donations in your name. Straightforward introductory chapters outline the basics of estate planning and organizing your affairs.

If Something Should Happen is no substitute for legal documents such as a will, living will, or health care proxy. But by organizing key information into one centralized place, the book provides a much-needed adjunct to these well-known legal documents.

Besides helping loved ones during a stressful time, If Something Should Happen ensures that your wishes are followed. We never can know exactly what decisions may have to be made on our behalf, but this book will provide the information that is needed in making the most common decisions that loved ones face.

Whether you are a retiree with an estate plan in place, a young person starting out in life, or a parent of a growing family, If Something Should Happen can help ensure peace of mind for yourself and the people you love. 

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