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August 3, 2012
piggy bank
gonzalo schwarz

John Tamny and the Problem with Fractional Reserve Banking

John Tamny of Forbes is one of the more informed contributors in the increasingly dismal state of economic commentating.  Tamny readily admits he is on the libertarian side of things and doesn’t give into the money-making game of carrying the flag for a favored political party under the guise of a neutral observer.  He condemns the whole […]


July 12, 2012
federal reserve building
gonzalo schwarz

Fractional Reserves and Economic Instability

Fractional-reserve banking has historically been viewed by some economists and most monetary cranks as a panacea for the economy


July 28, 2011
Nicolas Cachanosky

Saving, Hoarding and Fractional Reserve Banking

Fractional reserves is an important component of financial stability. Most of the financial regulation is aimed to control this aspect of banking practice such that banks do not become insolvent and a contagious set of bank runs gets into the financial markets. It is as if banks were unable to control themselves and regulation coming […]


February 20, 2018

Fractional-Reserve Banking and the Sharing Economy

The future has a lot of potential awe-inspiring inventions coming down the pipeline. But while daydreaming about these, we shouldn’t forget to be in awe of the invention of fractional-reserve banking. Long before fancy apps, and indeed long before the internet even, it was solving our problems and making our lives better.


January 29, 2018
Ivan Jankovic

Central Bank or Not, Fractional-Reserve Bitcoin Violates Sound Money

A common misconception is that the only problem with current money is the central bank, and that once we abolish government control everything is going to be fine. However, a sound-money regime has to provide for the consistent time structure of property rights in money.


September 24, 2018
J.P. Koning

Competitive Full-Reserve Banking

Historically, fractional-reserve banks have always won out against their full-reserve cousins. But times have changed.


May 9, 2018
Scott Burns

Setting Aside My (Fractional) Reservations

A decade ago, I was a fractional-reserve banking skeptic. Today, I’m all for it. Here’s why.


December 14, 2012
Devin Roundtree

The Case For 100% Reserve Banking

by Devin Roundtree Even among the most vocal advocates of returning to a gold standard, a banking system that requires banks to reserve 100% of all deposits redeemable on demand is considered impractical and a hindrance to economic growth. However, not only is 100% reserve banking practical, it is lawful and will not create credit […]


May 31, 2011
Tom Duncan

“The State and 100 Percent Reserve Banking” – Selgin

“Free bankers have been fighting a war on two fronts. On one they face champions of central banking and managed money. On the other they struggle against advocates of 100-percent reserve banking. Although the second front is a lot smaller than the first, it’s far from being unimportant, in part because the battle there is […]


March 19, 2023
Robert E. Wright

FDIC: No Savior Then or Now

“It is not clear that some sort of enhanced stockholder liability has yet returned to the Overton Window, but it is possible that Americans will point out the hypocrisy of the Biden administration’s raising taxes on the rich with one hand while bailing them out with the other.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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