Theme: The Theory and History of Monetary Institutions
Host: Edward Stringham, President of the American Institute for Economic Research
Date: July 23th – 29th 2018
Location: American Institute for Economic Research, 250 Division Street, Great Barrington, MA
Attendants: 8 graduate students
Registration fee: $250
Stipend: $1000 for North American students, $1500 international students

Harwood Graduate Colloquia are events intended for graduate students which are a combination of discussion sessions based on pre-assigned readings and lectures given by prominent scholars associated with the AIER. Our goal is to encourage promising graduate students to push the frontiers in their understanding of economics, forge new research collaborations and network with their peers and established scholars.

The theme of this edition is The Theory and History of Monetary Institutions. Our readings, discussions and lectures will delve deep into monetary policy and banking history and will be lead by scholars such as Edward Stringham, William Luther and many others.

Student participants are also invited to attend and participate in the Sound Money Project Annual Meeting from Thursday to Saturday. This year’s keynote address will be by George Selgin, who will talk about his new book “FLOORED!: How a Misguided Fed Experiment Deepened and Prolonged the Great Recession.”

Selected attendees will stay at the mansion of the American Institute for Economic Research in Great Barrington alongside our scholars for the duration of the colloquium. AIER will also arrange transportation to and from the Albany Airport.

Students are expected to prepare for in-depth discussions of the assigned readings, which will be sent to the invited applicants shortly.

For more information and for any questions, email conferences[at]aier[dot]org

Colloquium Schedule
Monday, July 23 to Thursday, July 26
Monday (evening)
Opening Remarks, Dinner, and Social
Tuesday & Wednesday
Lectures and Discussions
Keynote: Jeffrey Tucker, AIER
Evening Dinner and Social 
Thursday (day):
Optional Canoe Trip
Thursday (evening):
Begin Sound Money Annual Meeting