Get involved with AIER’s mission of educating the public about important economic and personal finance issues.

Order AIER Books in Bulk and Share with Your Favorite Organizations

Share our research by purchasing our publications at special bulk discounted rates and giving them to interested people or organizations. Bulk rates are available for quantities from 20 items and up. Call toll-free 888-528-1216 for details and to order.

Share AIER Research by Creating Events

You can also share our research by becoming an AIER Community Event Organizer. Our Speaker and Book series is traveling the country and you can host an event in your town.

We’ll pay for the venue and related costs, but we need someone familiar with the area to find the best location and invite their friends, family members, and fellow travelers.

If you are passionate about AIER’s mission, this is the best way of getting involved. You may not have money to give, but your time is just as valuable. We want to share our research on free markets, sound money, and related topics with people across America.

What Do You Need from Me?

If you would like to hold an AIER event in your area, please send us an email with the following:

  1. Proposed date and time (please give us at least 6 weeks for planning purposes). We are primarily interested in doing lunchtime or early evening events.
  2. Proposed topic (we will do our best to bring speakers that could cover the topic, although AIER reserves the right to select speakers that we have available for that date).
  3. Estimated attendance (let us know who you plan on inviting and how many people you think will attend).
  4. Venue (this is where we need your help the most. Let us know why your venue is perfect for an AIER event).

If you are passionate about AIER’s mission and its publications, get involved and become a Community Event Coordinator today.