Economics and Economic Freedom

A free and prosperous society requires a functioning market economy at its foundation. Using a broad array of tools drawn from price theory, public choice analysis, Austrian theory, and classical empiricism, our study of economics and economic freedom explores the underpinnings of the market system, the roots of economic prosperity, and emerging threats to the same in the public policy sphere. Our work includes the measurement of freedom and providing practical economic information for people to make better decisions.


A Conversation on the Importance of Entrepreneurship

“AIER Authors Corner, Ethan Yang interviews Dr. Eammon Butler, joining us from Cambridge, UK. Dr. Butler co-founded the Adam Smith Institute, which was credited with advising the Thatcher government in its radical market-oriented reforms of British society.” ~ AIER

Lumber, Labor, and Gas Markets Tell SAD Stories

“As economists emphasize whenever price gouging rules kick in, ignoring what supply and demand analysis has to teach us usually means making the problem worse rather than better.” ~ Art Carden

To Lean, Clean, or Reign Supreme

“After a decade or more of economic and financial events that put central banks under heavy strain – financial collapse, a slow and timid recovery, the pandemic – strange things are again amiss in financial markets. Broda and Druckenmiller are right to say that ‘the Fed seems to be fighting the last battle.’ Ironically, so are they: we’re back in the lean-or-clean debate of twenty years ago.” ~ Joakim Book

Industrial Output Rises in April Despite Weakness in Autos

“Industrial output rose for a second consecutive month in April, recovering from a weather-related drop in February; the sector still has a way to go until pre-pandemic levels of output. In general, cessation of government restrictions on consumers and businesses is boosting the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes