Economics and Economic Freedom

A free and prosperous society requires a functioning market economy at its foundation. Using a broad array of tools drawn from price theory, public choice analysis, Austrian theory, and classical empiricism, our study of economics and economic freedom explores the underpinnings of the market system, the roots of economic prosperity, and emerging threats to the same in the public policy sphere. Our work includes the measurement of freedom and providing practical economic information for people to make better decisions.


Are We In a Cold War With China?

“Winning a great power rivalry requires a far different approach than winning a cold war. Politicians should aim to turn down the temperature of US-China relations and be wary of attempting to implement cold war-style tactics.” ~ Ethan Yang

Fight Covid-19 With Social Capital Not Stringency

“While Covid-19 and its variants are reaching endemic status, people and their communities can play an active role in limiting its spread by bolstering social capital through resuming normal social and economic activities, not by imposing additional lockdowns.” ~ Byron Carson, Justin Isaacs & Anthony Carilli

Infrastructure Bill as Political Plunder and Social Engineering

“Joe Biden and the Congressional Democrats and Republicans consider it their political business to impose infrastructure spending and construction on the rest of us. So, not surprisingly, a bipartisan infrastructure bill is working its way through Congress with just such a $1 trillion price tag.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling