Economics and Economic Freedom

A free and prosperous society requires a functioning market economy at its foundation. Using a broad array of tools drawn from price theory, public choice analysis, Austrian theory, and classical empiricism, our study of economics and economic freedom explores the underpinnings of the market system, the roots of economic prosperity, and emerging threats to the same in the public policy sphere. Our work includes the measurement of freedom and providing practical economic information for people to make better decisions.


The Hoary Origins of Maskachusetts and Taxachusetts

“One cannot lay all of the blame for high taxes, silly regulations, and the Covid policy catastrophes of 2020-21 at the feet of John Winthrop and other Puritans but the concept of path dependence suggests that their role was larger than one might at first suspect.” ~ Robert E. Wright

Explaining Ranked Choice

“Ranked-choice voting, sometimes referred to as ‘single transferable vote,’ and sometimes as ‘instant run-off,’ is vulnerable to candidates that aren’t disliked by the majority but aren’t loved by many. Ranked-choice voting tends to favor candidates that are less disliked.” ~ Clifford F. Thies

Higher Inflation Depresses Equity Valuation

“The CPI will probably increase by 3-5% for all of 2021. That is not nearly as bad as the 1970s, when the rate averaged 7.4% p.a. (and peaked at 13.3% in late 1979), but it’s still bad for equity valuations.” ~ Richard M. Salsman

Inflating the Circulating Medium: Cause or Effect?

“The concern over the potential for increased future price levels (‘inflation’ as measured by CPI or PCE) is largely misplaced. It may not be the most serious or most likely outcome of the ongoing ‘unconventional’ policies that have been inflating the circulating medium.” ~ Christopher Lingle

Consumer Credit Rose in May

“Consumer credit jumped in May as easing government restrictions boosted economic activity.” – Robert Hughes