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Peter C. Earle

The Reemergence of Fascism, Left and Right

The year 2019 was a great year for the American Institute for Economic Research; in the broader America, it was a volatile one for ideas, a great one for economic growth, and as divisive a time politically as one can imagine: certainly the most estranging of my near 50 years. With the end of the […]


Joakim Book

Troubles with the Economists’ Case for a Carbon Tax

Carbon emissions are not, contrary to what many economists and non-economists seem to believe, approaching the idea of a pure externality; their costs are only partially external to the main transaction.


Richard M. Ebeling

In Defense of the Quid Pro Quo

It is not the occurrence of quid pro quos that are a problem in society. It is all a matter of whether they are free and voluntary


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