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Jeffrey Tucker

Why the Dramatic Decline in Crime?

For centuries, for millennia, we’ve relied on government to stop invasions of person and property. We live more safely than ever before, thanks to market-based technological improvements, not reliance on government. It was once believed that only government could provide security; this debate dates back centuries. Now we learn otherwise. We get security from the same source that provides us food, clothing, and shelter: the matrix of voluntary exchange and free exercise of human creativity.


Max Gulker

Some Thank Yous, and a Year-End Top Ten

Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting in 2017! Here are my ten favorite posts from this year.


Sven Larson

Three Trigger Points for a Greek-Style Debt Crisis

With all conditions fulfilled, Congress would find itself having to choose — and choose fast — between a tax shock and a deficit explosion.


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