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Joakim Book

The Only Question That Matters: Is It Correct?

“We fool ourselves that our arguments follow ethnic, sex, or demographic lines in what amounts to a wholly unscientific collapse into untethered subjectivity. By concerning ourselves with financial or structural bias, we chip away at the idea of objective reality.” ~ Joakim Book


John Tamny

Paul Volcker, the Fed, and ‘Tight Credit.’ The Myth That Won’t Die.

“It’s no surprise that economic types want to believe all good things run through central planners, but readers of political and economic commentary would be wise to be skeptical. The Fed’s power is well overstated.” ~ John Tamny


Albert Eisenberg

Three Signs You’re Not Actually a Socialist

“You may not find yourself worshiping at the altar of capitalism, but if you like iPhones, comparison shopping, and merit-based pay, you’re probably not a socialist.” ~ Albert Eisenberg


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