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Jeffrey Tucker

National Public Radio Cites AIER on Toilet and Faucet Regulation

I’m very pleased that NPR has cited Bourbon for Breakfast and AIER in a report on low-flow toilets and faucets. On the night that the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump, he delivered a two-hour campaign rally speech that took a detour — into the bathroom. His long riff about plumbing, household appliances […]


Eye of State and Toe of Frog
Alexander W. Salter

Monetary Policy: Seeing Like a State

If monetary policymakers actually wish to contribute to the public welfare, they need to stop seeing like a state.


Max Gulker

The Year in Bad Ideas

The Green New Deal. Hipster Antitrust. Breaking Up Big Tech. Protectionism. Billionaire Tears. New Tech, Old Jobs. Bitcoin Maximalism. Don’t Inhale That. Elizabeth Warren. National Conservatism.


James L. Caton

The End of Traditional Monetary Policy

Last June, the FRED Blog identified something that has emerged in discussions I have had with other macroeconomists: the standard macroeconomics textbook no longer adequately explains monetary policy at the Federal Reserve.  Before the crisis in the fall of 2008, monetary policy was primarily implemented by adjustments in the value of U.S. Treasuries held by […]


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