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Anonymity Vouchers
J.P. Koning

Anonymity Vouchers: An Improvement for Private Transactions

Financial anonymity is a controversial topic. It’s no wonder that central bankers, a conservative lot, tend to shy away from it. A recent paper from the European Central Bank (ECB) outlining a proof of concept for anonymous digital currency payments is a rare exception. Entitled Exploring anonymity in central bank digital currencies, the paper attracted […]


Phillip W. Magness

My Most Notable Articles of 2019

How Capitalist Abolitionists Fought Slavery This was my favorite piece to write over the last year because it explored a little-known historical episode in which the New York financier Lewis Tappan used market innovation to advance the abolition of slavery. I wrote it in part to respond to the New York Times’s 1619 Project, which […]


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