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John Tamny

In Defense of the Tom Cruise Rant

“It’s sad that businesses must waste time, money and brain space on compliance, but businesses ultimately must be bloodless and ideology-blind in pursuit of profits. Thank goodness they must.” ~ John Tamny


Ethan Yang

A Republic if You Can Keep It

“Justice Gorsuch’s book reminds us that our government exists primarily to protect our freedom and that this framework is something we ought to work to preserve. Preserve not just for ourselves but for future generations of Americans so that they too may experience what it is like to live free.” ~ Ethan Yang


Byron Carson

Drink Your Coffee, Be Considerate, and Fight Covid-19

“Lockdowns are a blunt policy instrument typical of government officials who can only pretend to know how individuals make choices and the tradeoffs they face. However, we can still be considerate of the choices people make and fight Covid-19.” ~ Byron Carson


Jeffrey Tucker

Your Trauma and Mine: A Retrospective on 2020

“The many layers of trauma we’ve all experienced this year are awesome to contemplate. But if you are reading this, you are like me, a survivor. We are wounded but in other ways stronger than before, more dedicated to truth, more committed to the ideals of freedom, less naive and ready to go forth in battle not to let civilization be dismantled. Rather we must defend it with everything we have to offer.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


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