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How We Dealt With The Flu in ‘69 (Video)

Covid-19 is another in a long series of pandemics that have been part of the human experience. Somehow we managed to cobble together the idea of freedom in any case. The most recent serious pandemic of 1968-69 is almost forgotten today – and was hardly paid attention to at all at the time but for the medical professionals who treated it. It was deadly and serious. In those years, we also experienced extraordinary advances in politics, technology, and the arts. We did not shut down.


Colin Lloyd

Digital Currencies and US Dollar Dominance

“Is this the end for the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency? As Churchill might have said, ‘…This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’” ~ Colin Lloyd


Art Carden

Covid’s Lesson: Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

“Do the aristocrats want the hoi polloi to heed their dire warnings? They should lead by example. Politicians, rule thyselves. If you can’t or won’t, at least acknowledge your guiding principle, which seems to be that some animals are more equal than others.” ~ Art Carden


Joakim Book

Oxford’s Stringency Index is Falling Apart

“In the spring, when the ranking roughly seemed to reflect what was happening in various countries, nobody objected to it ‒ or even looked under its hood. Now, after its strange rewriting of history and poor use of the Nordic countries show very misleading stories, nobody should trust it without looking at the details.” ~ Joakim Book


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