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Joakim Book

The Year Populism Was Right and the Experts Weren’t

“Deep down 2020 has taught us that officials don’t have a clue, that they don’t control what they pretend to control, and that their measures aren’t targeted to or calibrated for stopping the spread of a virus.” ~ Joakim Book


John Tamny

Politicians are Crushing Christmas Miracles

“Donald Trump should announce right here and now that he promises to pardon anyone who chooses to work and be open for business despite the decrees of the power hungry. What a way to leave the White House. What a legacy of freedom.” ~ John Tamny


Donald J. Boudreaux

Heroes in a Year of Horrors

“There are other brave and intelligent people of integrity who have resisted Covid Derangement Syndrome and spoken out against the lunacy and oppression of lockdowns. To all of you I offer my apologies if you aren’t explicitly recognized here. But above all, I offer to you my heartfelt thanks, as well as my well-wishes for a more sane and much less tyranny-soaked 2021.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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