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Peter C. Earle

The Fickle ‘Science’ of Lockdowns

“Why did public-health authorities abandon their opposition to lockdowns? Why did they rush to embrace the untested claims of flawed epidemiological modeling?” ~ Phillip W. Magness & Peter C. Earle


Clifford Thies

TikTok Math Girl

“There’s a part of me that wonders how anybody can use an iPhone to record herself and then share the recording with the entire world and not appreciate how tremendously better life is because of the advance of math, science and technology.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


David Henderson

Adam Smith’s Economic Case against Imperialism

“Adam Smith predicted that the nation that would arise from those colonies would become the most powerful nation in the world. On top of all this, Smith made a terse but passionate defense of economic freedom.” ~ David R. Henderson


Klajdi Bregu

Why This Year’s Nobel Prize in Economics Changes Nothing on the Minimum Wage Debate

“The two Card and Krueger studies have major issues, and they do not support the narrative in favor of minimum wage laws. Yet, as expected, this has not stopped many from using this paper in the classroom for teaching the effects of minimum wages on unemployment.” ~ Klajdi Bregu


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