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Donald J. Boudreaux

The Case Against Oren Cass

Conservative scholar Oren Cass wants to “redefine the economic orthodoxy that guides the nation’s politics and public policy.” He’s convinced that economists wrongly discount the importance of work while naively giving pride of place to consumption. Consistent with his conviction, Cass proposes that government policies – including trade policy – pay more conscious attention to our […]


Art Carden

New Ideas are the Key to Economic Development

For all our progress, it is important to remember that critics and regulators have still won a lot of battles. They could win more.


Peter C. Earle

Labor Unions, RIP

“Beaucoup de trafic!” the Uber driver sighed with exasperation, looking at me in the back seat via the rear view mirror. I nodded and shrugged; before arriving in Paris early this week, I had been warned about la grève — the widespread strikes in response to the Macron government’s announcement of pension reform — but […]


Veronique de Rugy

One Point Four Trillion Dollars

Future taxpayers will be getting lumps of coal for many Christmases to come.


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