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Gary Galles

Nirvana and the Theory of the Firm

“Over and over, people, including many economists, have misunderstood issues such as these when evaluating real world firms through the combination of simplifying assumptions that make real issues disappear and a failure to apply the self-interest test.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Joakim Book

On Price and Output Volatility: How Bad is Bitcoin’s Flaw?

“The working arrangements of a new generation of freelancing nomads are keen on and capable of handling the discrepancies between many currencies’ relative purchasing power, crypto or old-school.” ~ Joakim Book


John Tamny

The Tragic and Needless Destruction of Raj Rajaratnam, Price-Giver Extraordinaire

“For doing right Raj Rajaratnam spent time in prison. He should never have been charged. Please read this essential book to see why, and please tell friends about it. The lunacy surrounding markets and information must stop.” ~ John Tamny


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