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Donald J. Boudreaux

Is Covid a High Risk to Younger Adults?

“Using actual data – and even assuming that all excess deaths in the 25-44 cohort are caused by Covid, and even if we annualize the authors’ excess-death figure to get excess deaths in this cohort of 28,800 – the chance that Covid will kill any randomly chosen member of this cohort is a minuscule 0.0329 percent.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Art Carden

2020 Was Not The Worst Year Ever. Not Even Close.

“Two thousand and twenty has…underperformed, to say the least. We were promised flying cars, and all we got were mask mandates. Has 2020 been the worst year ever, though? Not even close.” ~ Art Carden


John Tamny

Book Review: Jeffrey Tucker’s Thoroughly Excellent ‘Liberty or Lockdown’

“The author who always knew is most right and most compelling when he calls for the countering of ‘the brutalism of the lockdowns.’ That’s the only answer. No more lockdowns. Never again. Any other argument fails.” ~ John Tamny


Ethan Yang

The Nanny State Comes for Robinhood

“Massachusetts’ regulatory intentions for Robinhood not only demonstrate a high level of disregard for the decision-making abilities of its citizens, but also a failure to understand the entity it seeks to regulate. The ongoing attempts to place onerous regulations on innovative companies like Robinhood in the name of the public interest are not only misinformed but they will likely leave us worse off.” ~ Ethan Yang


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