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James Bovard

Raiding the World Bank: Exposing a Fondness for Dictators

“After exiting bank headquarters, I paused on K Street, skimmed the first pages, and knew I had struck gold. Back in my home office, I called the gutsiest editor I knew—Tim Ferguson, the editorial features editor at the Wall Street Journal.” ~ James Bovard


Doug Bandow

Three Decades Ago the Soviet Union Collapsed: The Evil Empire No Longer Could Hold Human Liberty in Check

“No matter how terrible this moment might seem to some, almost any moment during the Cold War was worse. At least until December 26, 1991, when the Soviet Union was rudely tossed into history’s great trash can.” ~ Doug Bandow


Robert E. Wright

The Unity of Knowledge

“To avoid groupthink and, worse still, bellyfeel, humans need to foster more creative, independent thought, not hackneyed beliefs possible only within the confines of a pinhole view of the world.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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