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Jeffrey Tucker

The Decimal Point that Blew Up the World

“A terminological confusion, a misplaced decimal point, a one-word error in data description, and a massive amount of arrogant presumptions about how to control a virus set in motion a series of events that turned our great and prosperous country into a disaster of confusion, demoralization, foregone medical services, closed businesses, wrecked arts and education, and long bread lines. The lockdowners who created this appalling disaster, the people who turned our trust into betrayal and a blizzard of statistical baloney, need to look at the science and data as they stand and come clean.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Peter C. Earle

The Return of the Trickle-Down Ruse

“‘Trickle-down economics’ is neither an economic theory, policy, or outcome; better economic thought, not platitudes, are needed.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Alan Reynolds

Did State Reopenings (and Closings) Have Little Effect on Spending?

“Vaccines alone cannot thaw frozen state economies unless and until they in some way encourage governors to reopen. If any lockdown-prone governors do reconsider their orders, there is a distinguished team of Ivy League economists who stand ready to advise that reopening closed economies could make little “immediate” difference. That would be terrible advice.” ~ Alan Reynolds


Robert Hughes

Retail Spending Fell in November on Broad Weakness

“Retail sales fell in November as recent developments regarding Covid-19 and reactionary government policies remain significant risks to economic recovery.” – Robert Hughes


David Henderson

The FDA’s Deadly Caution

“Any discussion of the lives saved by the FDA must include estimates of the lives lost due to that very same agency. Two thousand Americans are dying each and every day while there’s a savior in a syringe sitting in a warehouse ready to protect us.” ~ David R. Henderson & Charles L. Hooper


Robert E. Wright

The State Negative Externality Problem

“A smart, strong, John Marshall-type chief justice, as opposed to a weasley Taney-like one, would have used the Texas case to clarify the problem of state negative externalities vis-a-vis presidential elections. How many state and federal laws and constitutions can be violated before somebody has the authority to do something about it, and what, precisely, can be done?” ~ Robert E. Wright


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