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James Bovard

Covid and The Rise of Cage Keeper Democracy

“The Covid pandemic is fueling many politicians’ passion for destroying Americans’ freedom based on the flimsiest pretexts. Thus far, politicians have paid no price for their constitutional demolitions. The only certainty is that much of the media and legions of activists will cheer the next lockdown.” ~ James Bovard


Robert Hughes

Industrial Production Rose Again in November

“Manufacturing continued to recover in November, but reinstated government restrictions could threaten future growth.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

The Rescue From Madness

“With governments around the Covid world suspending everything that people value, we suddenly warped society. Truth-speakers are only listened to if they are politically expedient. We impaired the workings of a free society, voluntarily, for a promise that someone, somewhere might not catch the flu.” ~ Joakim Book


Allen Mendenhall

End the ABA’s Accreditation Power

“Society writ large would benefit if the ABA lost the authority to accredit law schools. If only there were a politician willing to take the lead on this issue.” ~ Allen Mendenhall


Richard M. Ebeling

Opponents of Liberty Remain Misguided Sore Winners

“Be assured that when the interventionist-welfare state policies are intensified and made more intrusive into the social and economic fabric of American society, and when, over time, it brings about more corruption, privilege, stagnation, and social hostility, the Joseph Stiglitz’s of the world likely will not admit that the cause has been the political paternalism and social engineering for which they so much never stop yearning.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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