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Bruce Yandle

Why Is the System Rigged?

It’s crazy season, that special time on the American calendar when aspiring candidates for the nation’s highest office try to outdo each other in an effort to attract more voters to their platforms. This time around, background support is provided by a virtual anvil chorus of anti-capitalism clatter. Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example, frequently unleashes […]


Retail sales
Robert Hughes

Holiday Spending Off to a Modest Start

Preliminary estimates suggest retail sales were modest in November implying slow growth remains the most likely path.


Veronique de Rugy

Do We Treat Children Worse than Dogs?

In a typical AOC fashion, she went on a rant about how the free market treated “women and people who give birth” (whomever those non-women giving birth are) worse than we treat puppies. Why?


Joakim Book

Technology Has Made Flexible Work Possible, and That’s Wonderful

When I got my first summer job, my coworkers and I were paid the same hourly wage. Doing sales and booking in three languages for a shipping company, we spent our days mostly managing fares and talking to calling customers over the phone (this job has since been all but automated by well-functioning e-commerce solutions, […]


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