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Jenin Younes

Virus Avoidance Is Not the Whole of Life

“We are far from triumphing over the oppression inflicted upon us by politicians and so-called experts, but refusing to give into their absurd dictates is the only path to victory. The more of us who reject the idea that avoiding the coronavirus should inform virtually every aspect of life, the harder it will be for these epidemiologists to achieve their goal of making the new normal last forever.” ~ Jenin Younes


Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Posts Surprising Gain in Early December

“Consumer sentiment surprised on the upside in early December, but renewed government restrictions may drag the economy down in coming months. The outlook remains highly tenuous.” – Robert Hughes


Amelia Janaskie

Covid, Lockdowns, & Long-Term Care: State Comparisons

“While nursing homes await the arrival of the vaccine within the next few weeks, the data still speaks to the importance of protecting the elderly in the meantime. The focused protection of nursing homes and promotion of low-risk individuals’ carrying out life as normal both lower the unintended consequences of the pandemic while still keeping people safe. A balanced and holistic approach, grounded in data and facts, not fear. This is how we can live rewarding, healthy lives.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Micha Gartz


Alexander W. Salter

Making Money Lawful

“In terms of incentives, politicians can’t meddle, and central bankers can’t distribute unnecessary largesse, if monetary policy is constrained by a rule. Given that the Fed exists, and isn’t going anywhere soon, the best course of action is to ditch the ‘discretion’ part of ‘constrained discretion.'” ~ Alexander W. Salter


Art Carden

The Bureaucratic Deal Got Us Into This Mess. The Bourgeois Deal Will Get Us Out

“When our children and grandchildren look back on 2020, I hope they see how much of it probably could have been avoided had we embraced the Bourgeois Deal rather than the Bureaucratic Deal in the face of Covid-19. A lot more people probably would have lived to tell about it. Or better yet, had vaccines been distributed earlier, they might not have a pandemic to look back on.” ~ Art Carden


Jeffrey Tucker

The “Expert Consensus” Also Favored Alcohol Prohibition

“Most people today regard America’s experiment with alcohol prohibition as a national embarrassment, rightly repealed in 1933. So it will be with the closures and lockdowns of 2020, someday. In 1920, however, to be for the repeal of the prohibition that was passed took courage. You were arguing against prevailing opinion backed by celebratory scientists and exalted social thinkers. What you were saying flew in the face of expert consensus.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


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