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Everyday Price Index
Robert Hughes

Gas and Apparel Pull Everyday Prices Down in November

AIER’s Everyday Price Index fell 0.1 percent in November after posting a 0.4 percent increase in October. Overall, net changes in the Everyday Price Index remain modest.


Stephen Davies

Manual Labor Will Be Revived

In fact, one outcome of AI and automation may well be a revival of manual labor and of the traditional working class — maybe becoming more like an artisan class again.


Richard M. Ebeling

Wasserman’s Twisted Tale About the Austrian School of Economics

If you approach the topic with a presumption that the Austrians were shilling for capital as understood in a Marxian-style dialectic, you miss the entire point of the school of thought and its contribution.


Sean Stein Smith

Why Passenger Railways are Terrible and Freight Railways are Amazing

American railways are the envy of the world.  Many might shake a collective head at that statement. In the case of passenger rail that is an appropriate reaction. Since it was pieced together – a government-constructed Franken-rail system built of numerous bankrupt railways which were essentially nationalized – Amtrak has been a reliable money sink, […]


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