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J.P. Koning

What Does Kyle Rittenhouse’s Legal Campaign Tell Us about Access to Crowdfunding?

“For now, Visa and MasterCard haven’t made any discernible efforts to limit crowdfunding accessibility based on concerns over their brand. But if they were to start, that would be a concerning development.” ~ J.P. Koning


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Fall to the Lowest Level Since 1969

“Weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits fell to a multidecade low. Combined with a record number of open jobs, the data show the labor market remains extremely tight. Labor shortages are likely to continue to hamper production across the economy, sustaining upward pressure on prices” ~ Robert Hughes


Sally Pipes

The True Cost of ‘Medicare for All’

“The ultimate goal of Democratic lawmakers is Medicare for All. It’s hard to imagine a model with higher costs. If they’re successful, crisis standards of care will become the norm all over the United States.” ~ Sally C. Pipes


Antony Davies

Not Hyperinflation, but Plenty Bad Enough

“We see the seeds of this already in the intellectually bankrupt Modern Monetary Theory. MMT boils down to a simple policy prescription: politicians should feel free to print as much money as they want. That’s a recipe for hyperinflation.” ~ Antony Davies


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