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Robert Hughes

Private-Sector Job Openings Rose in October While Quits Eased; Both Remain Very High

“Job openings and quits remained very high in October. Enticing people back to work would help ease supply problems and reduce upward pressure on prices.” ~ Robert Hughes


Thomas L. Hogan

Financial Regulators Ignore the Costs of Regulation

“According to the main evidence cited by the bank regulators themselves, the NSFR will create a net cost to the U.S. financial system, not a net benefit.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Jane Shaw Stroup

Laws, Sausages, and Land-Grants

“The history of these schools is so complicated and idiosyncratic that it provides a fertile field for understanding how history moves forward (in time, not necessarily making progress).” ~ Jane Shaw Stroup


Michael Fumento

“Omicron” Means Enough!

“How long will we allow variants to be exploited to maintain a permanent Covidocracy? It’s time for this to end. We need to give this variant a new Greek alphabet name: Omega. As in ‘The last.'” ~ Michael S. Fumento


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