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Phillip W. Magness

Herbert Spencer’s Critique of the Board of Health in 1851

“Although Snow’s work revealed the answer to the Cholera problem in 1854, the biggest obstacle to operationalizing this knowledge into fighting the disease was the public health bureaucracy itself and the entrenched political interests it had come to represent. Snow’s experience, in effect, proved the reality of Herbert Spencer’s assessment. Rather than improve public health, the government had only distorted and politicized the necessary scientific processes.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


David Hart

What is to be Done? The Rise of Hygiene Socialism and the Prospects for Liberty

“When one lines up the groups which are now appearing to come together in a ‘united front’ against individual liberty – environmental, monetary, cultural, and hygiene socialism – with talk of the need for a “global reset” one wonders ‘what is to be done?’. This was the title of an important pamphlet Lenin wrote in 1901 which inspired Rothbard to ask the same question in 1977.” ~ David Hart


Keith Gandal

Scaring Ourselves to Death

“People thinking that, regardless of age, they are liable to die if they get Covid, leads to panic if they become ill or get a positive test. In turn, panic likely leads to some unnecessary Covid deaths among all age groups, accelerates the death rate in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, and fuels chronic or ‘long-haul’ coronavirus illness. We need to turn down the fear.” ~ Keith Gandal


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