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Phillip W. Magness

Forgetful Fauci’s Deposition: All Those Lies Are Hard to Keep Straight

“Fauci’s evasions leave us with more questions than answers – and more clues that he used his position as a top official at a powerful government agency to persecute and suppress dissenting scientific beliefs.” ~ Phillip W. Magness and James R. Harrigan


Daniel Klein

The Governmentalization of Social Affairs

“More liberty means less government, and less government means less miserableness, servility, fickleness, hypocrisy, denial, mendacity, baseness, and degeneracy. Liberal backbone checks the evil that is the governmentalization of social affairs.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Will Sellers

A Birthday No One Celebrates

“The birth 100 years ago of the USSR is reason to reflect on the indomitable human spirit that cannot be contained by systems of government that do not foster liberty under the rule of law.” ~ Will Sellers


Cynthia Crawford

The Free Markets Case You Haven’t Heard About

“More than what’s perceived as a culture-war fight, 303 Creative may have significant implications for the freedom of market participants to develop and sell their own unique talents without government regulation of what they may say.” ~ Cynthia Fleming Crawford


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