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Jeffrey Tucker

A Cautious Retrospective on Bitcoin

Bitcoin could still go to the moon. But there are plenty of reasons to believe the opposite too. The most likely immediate future is that Bitcoin will continue brilliantly to service a special type of need.


ISM services sector
Robert Hughes

November Services-Sector Survey Perpetuates Doubts

The nonmanufacturing sector expanded in November, but the mixed results and near-neutral level of the composite index perpetuates doubts about the strength of the economy.


Stephen Davies

Ending Internal Passports Was a Victory of Liberalism. It is Slipping Away

We should never take the victories of previous generations of liberals for granted. Free movement is one of those.


Richard M. Ebeling

Socialism and the Green New Deal are Economically Impossible

The marginal decisions and calculations necessary for rational economy do not go away even under a “moral equivalent to war” to defeat global warming.


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