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Christopher Barnard

A New Idea Emerges at COP26

“Conservatives showed up at COP26 to indicate that a constructive alternative to alarmist rhetoric exists. At COP27, it’s time that we attended in full force, and told the UN to let the adults do the talking.” ~ Christopher Barnard & Connor Tomlinson


Robert Hughes

Payrolls Recovery Stumbles in November

“Payrolls posted a disappointing gain in November. While the outlook is for continued recovery, difficulties hiring may restrain output growth, sustaining upward price pressures for a prolonged period.” ~ Robert Hughes


William J. Luther

Powell Pivots as Inflation Picks Up

“Powell recommended ditching the term transitory. ‘We tend to use it to mean that it won’t leave a permanent mark in the form of higher inflation,’ he told the Senate Committee. ‘I think it’s probably a good time to retire that word and try to explain more clearly what we mean.’” ~ William J. Luther


Alan Reynolds

A Smarter Debt Limit Bill

“Senate Republicans are expected to indulge in yet another futile game of bluff poker over the symbolic debt limit. They always fold in the end because Congress has no choice but to pay for obligations it has already incurred.” ~ Alan Reynolds & Steve Stein


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