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Jeffrey Tucker

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value?

“Think of a world without essential third parties, including the most dangerous third party ever conceived of by man: the state and the central bank. Imagine that future and you begin to grasp the fullness of the implications of our future.
Ludwig von Mises would be amazed and surprised at bitcoin. But he might also feel a sense of pride that his monetary theory of more than a century ago has been confirmed and given new life in the 21st century.” ~ Jeffrey A. Tucker


Stephen Miller

Nursing Homes and Covid Fatalities: The Empirical Relationship

“While not all deaths are preventable, we have a moral obligation to engage in focused protection rather than continue one-size-fits all approaches to public health. To the extent that resources for testing, vaccines, health care worker time, and federal grants are scarce, they should be focused on the most vulnerable, and few are more vulnerable than nursing home residents.” ~ Stephen C. Miller


Alberto Mingardi

The Great Reset: Between Conspiracy and Wishful Thinking

“It is quite bizarre that we tend to divide the world between awful private interests and those who use glowing words. Perhaps glowing words can be aligned with some private interests too.” ~ Alberto Mingardi


Richard M. Ebeling

Don’t Confuse Free Markets with the Interventionist State

“The important task for those who value personal freedom, economic liberty and the free market economy is to disabuse our fellow citizens from thinking that what we have is a fully capitalist system, and to appreciate that what critics of capitalism call for and want in the form of even more and bigger government would only magnify the corrosive trends already in play in the modern world.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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