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Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Edged Lower in November

“Consumer attitudes fell back slightly as inflation fears continued to mount and new waves of Covid cases unsettled consumers. Continued expansion remains the likely course, but threats remain elevated.” ~ Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

The Long Cycles in Markets and Political Order

“I found Dalio’s thesis much more persuasive than I had anticipated: some historical patterns are real, wave-like, and operate over long horizons. With skill, data, and humility, we can uncover the likely prospects for our own times.” ~ Joakim Book


Kir Nuthi

New Senate Antitrust Proposal Empowers Radical Bureaucratic Overreach

“To protect our free markets, we should not be giving government overreach that much more of a chance to succeed. That’s simply falling into the pro-government trap.” ~ Kir Nuthi


Daniel Fernández

The Chinese Financial Sector: On the Brink of Death

“The Chinese banking and real estate sectors are on the brink of death. The government will do everything possible to reorganize the former and to save the latter, but it is very possible that it will be incapable of succeeding.” ~ Daniel Fernández


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