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George Gilder

Viruses, Lockdowns, and Biomic Learning

“The best testimony to the success of these mutual learning processes is not only the amazing story of Taiwan. It is our very presence on the planet today, some 8 billion learning systems strong, distributed as widely as human minds and interacting everywhere to ensure the survival of learning and growth.” ~ George Gilder


Jeffrey Tucker

We Have Immune Systems, New York Times Reveals

“This is something my mother knows. She taught it to me. Her mother taught it to her. They were all taught it in school. The knowledge has not been deprecated. It just strangely evaporated. Or perhaps censored. I don’t know. I do know this article is a welcome relief from the poppycock of mysophobia that has taken over the public square.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Art Carden

The Value is In the Ideas

“Which desk and lamp recipes ‘win?’ It’s not the ones that require the most labor or the most savings. In the long run, it might not even be the ones that capture the imaginations of design aficionados. The winning recipes are the ones that get enough ‘votes’ in the form of the dollars people spend.” ~ Art Carden


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