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Art Carden

I, Travel: In Wonder at the Achievements of a Free Society

“At the beginning of his classic essay “I, Pencil,” Leonard E. Read quoted G.K. Chesterton as saying, ‘we perish for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.’ Commercial society is a wonder that produces other wonders, and we should wonder at it.” ~ Art Carden


Alexander W. Salter

Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

“This simple model is a good first approximation to aggregate economic performance. Economists know this. Unfortunately, they sometimes ignore it for partisan reasons.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Peter Wallison

How Media Bias Caused the Moral Panic Surrounding Climate Change

“The political effort to limit economic growth by reducing the use of fossil fuels and changing the face of agriculture—will have a far greater long-term effect than the recent pandemic on people’s lives in the United States and worldwide.” ~ Peter J. Wallison


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