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Daniel Klein

Darth Sidious’s Lockdown

“Scrupling the ill consequences of frenzy and restrictions is the least we can expect from anyone who has ever maintained pretensions of giving some presumption to the freedom of association and other liberal principles.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Jenin Younes

The Strangely Unscientific Masking of America

“The substantial evidence that these mechanisms are not effective, particularly beyond their duration, has been automatically rejected for too long. This is not science: it is politics, and those within the profession who have refused to examine their confirmation biases, or manipulated the evidence to score political points, are utterly unqualified for the job.” ~ Jenin Younes


Michael Fumento

The Media’s Covid War on the Dakotas

“What’s driving the anti-Dakotas vendetta is that the mainstream media overwhelmingly support authoritarian measures and governors of both states have resisted them. It’s all about politics, sensationalism, and possibly envy.” ~ Michael Fumento


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