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James Bovard

The Biden Crackdown on Thought Crimes

“Extremism has always been a flag of political convenience, and the Biden team, the FBI, and their media allies will fan fears to sanctify new government crackdowns. But what if government is the most dangerous extremist of them all?” ~ James Bovard


Jon Sanders

A Different Perspective: How Threat-Free Are Americans from Covid-19?

“It’s a risk decidedly lower than what people have been made to believe. This belief, unhealthy in and of itself, has given way to tolerating dangerous government edicts while forestalling a grounded approach to individual risk assessment and management.” ~ Jon Sanders


Robert E. Wright

Getting Real About Taxes

“It is high time that the federal government recognizes the creepy tax effects of inflation and gets real about taxes. It should forget about taxing unrealized capital gains, compensate victims of its inflationary policies, and begin to inflation-index everything.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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