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Barry Brownstein

How Hayek Can Transform Our Ingratitude into Gratitude

“Understanding Hayek transforms our thinking into a rich appreciation of how individuals cooperate and bring forth the miracles of the modern economy. With the opening of eyes long closed, our ingratitude becomes gratitude.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Robertas Bakula

The Gospel of a 99% Consensus

“It is not surprising to see an array of messiahs come up with genocidal plans to banish all evil, that is, reliable energy — the blood of modern, long, and prosperous life — in the name of the revealed ‘truth.'” ~ Robertas Bakula


James Harrigan

A Series of Miracles

“Take a cue from Lincoln and appreciate the blessings that we do enjoy rather than pining for things we don’t. Take a cue from the best America has produced and say a prayer of thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.” ~ James R. Harrigan


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