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Robert Hughes

Consumers Grow Less Optimistic About the Short-Term Outlook in November

“Consumer attitudes weakened in November, particularly for short-term expectations. Pessimism about jobs and the economy may restrain consumer spending and harm the economic recovery.” – Robert Hughes


Donald J. Boudreaux

Tyler vs. Tyler?

“Given that one of Tyler’s most intriguing arguments in Stubborn Attachments is that we discount the value of the future far too greatly – implying that we value the present far too much relative to the future – I believe that the 2018 Tyler Cowen would be a most intriguing, perhaps even confrontational, guest of the 2020 Tyler Cowen on Conversations with Tyler. It’s a conversation that I’d very much like to hear!” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Art Carden

Without Permissionless Innovation, Would we Really Love Rock & Roll?

“Even if you think the ‘Queen of Noise’ produces nothing but noise, her success in a world of permissionless innovation is a good reason to love rock & roll.” ~ Art Carden


John Tamny

Student-Loan Cancellation Shouldn’t Happen, But It’s Not The ‘Working Classes’ Bailing Out The Rich

“While it would be wrong to forgive federal student debt, let’s not add to what’s incorrect with nonsensical allusions to ‘real America’ paying for bailouts of Beverly Hills, Manhattan and Pacific Heights.” ~ John Tamny


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