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Daniel Klein

The Recovery of Liberty

“The attack on liberty is unrelenting. To get attackers to relent, it helps to clarify what we mean by liberty. We are then in a better position to awaken them to the damage they do.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Nathan Lewis

What’s Wrong with “Neoliberal Economics”?

“In practice, ‘neoliberal’ economics often results in a cycle of ‘stimulus’ (Keynesian-type deficit spending) followed soon afterwards by “austerity” (higher taxes). The weaker economy that results pushes governments back toward a cycle of ‘stimulus.'” ~ Nathan Lewis


Daniel Fernández

Will Evergrande Go Bankrupt?

“The chances of Evergrande’s survival without public aid or without the massive injection of cash from some unsuspecting investor are therefore nil.” ~ Daniel Fernández


Jon Sanders

Biden’s HHS: We Don’t Have Time to Review Regulations, We’re Too Busy Enforcing Them

“The Biden administration thinks small business owners and the general public will be soothed by the idea of ‘regulatory certainty’ — that harmful regulations will go on forever and ever.”


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