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James Harrigan

Poverty’s End?

“Poverty in the United States is not extreme poverty, not by a long shot. And extreme poverty in the rest of the world is vanishing, bit by bit, day by day. And for that, we have economic freedom to thank.” ~ Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan


James Bovard

Industrial Policy Returns, Prior Pratfalls Notwithstanding

“Letting politicians pick winners is the surest recipe for shafting consumers and every unsubsidized business. Unfortunately, there will always be enough pundits who failed Econ 101 to whoop up every boneheaded intervention.” ~ James Bovard


John Tamny

Seattle’s Dick’s Drive-In Mocks Left and Right Pandering About the Minimum Wage

“As Dick’s reminds us, businesses don’t require a law. Eager to win the services of good and willing workers, the wages they’ll offer well exceed the promises of politicians who have nothing to offer other than force.” ~ John Tamny


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