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Jeffrey Tucker

The Blizzard of Bogus Journalism on Covid

“The world is being seriously misled by major media organs. The politicians are continuing to panic and impose draconian controls, fully nine months into this, and despite mountains of evidence of the real harm the lockdowns are causing everyone. If you haven’t lost faith in politicians and major media at this point, you have paid no attention to what they have been doing for the better part of this catastrophic year.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Ethan Yang

Important Factors Driving Bitcoin’s Drastic Growth in 2020

“The swift growth of Bitcoin signals a number of important financial milestones as well as warning signs. Signals that not only lend some support to the cryptocurrency’s value but also provide important insight into our current state of financial affairs.” ~ Ethan Yang


Amelia Janaskie

Lockdowns Stunt Women’s Progress

“Over the past one hundred years, the country created a space where women could more easily work, attain higher education, open businesses, and be freer economic agents. Now, lockdown policies and their advocates are forcing a massive step backward in gender equality and women’s economic freedom.” ~ Amelia Janaskie


Art Carden

If Trump Were Serious About Making America Great Again, He Would Have Done This

“If Trump is serious about making America Great Again, he will, on his way out, do the right thing and make sure Santa Claus never threatens our airspace or our borders ever again.” ~ Art Carden


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