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J.P. Koning

There’s More than One Way to Make Stablecoins Safe

“The PWG’s worries for the safety of stablecoin users are most applicable to one set of stablecoins: the set including USD Coin and Tether. A ‘banks-only’ model may be an improvement for some stablecoins, but it certainly isn’t the only way to ensure stablecoins are safe.” ~ J.P. Koning


Allen Mendenhall

Time for a New University?

“The foreseeable ranting and naysaying among journalists and scribblers isn’t an impediment to UATX. The chief challenge for UATX, in fact, will be recruiting students.” ~ Allen Mendenhall


Anthony Gill

When Does a Job Become a Job?

“A vibrant citizenry capable of resisting tyranny starts with the realization that the definitive guidelines given to us by government are actually quite arbitrary. We must constantly question the bright line boundaries that surround us.” ~ Anthony Gill


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