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Robert Hughes

Housing Permits Rise in October, Suggesting Support for Home Demand

“Housing permits rose in October, offering some evidence that demand for housing may remain elevated. Rising home prices and potentially higher mortgage rates may be headwinds for demand while elevated commodity costs may pressure homebuilder profits.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

What’s Become of the Overton Window?

“Shifting the Overton window upward toward more individual freedom should be the goal of liberty lovers as it would offer policy choices that infringe on individual freedom no more than absolutely necessary to achieve the goals spelled out in the US Constitution’s Preamble.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Chris Woodward

‘Build Back Better’ Methane Fee Means Higher Costs for Heating Oil, Natural Gas

“Environmental activists call it a ‘methane fee.’ The energy industry calls it a ‘natural gas tax.’ Either way, energy consumers are likely to feel the effects in their pocketbooks.” ~ Chris Woodward


Phillip W. Magness

Everything Nancy MacLean Doesn’t Like is a Conspiracy Theory

“It would appear that MacLean’s ideological disdain for school vouchers is so intense, so fervent, and so unwavering, that she’s willing to countenance a direct partnership with racial segregationists in the service of that cause.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


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